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RT-5000(C) Automatic Tape Dispenser

Brands : AUTOTEK (Made in China)

Specification :

  • Voltage : 220V/50HZ 110/60HZ.
  • Power : 35W.
  • Cutting length : 5mm-999mm.
  • Cutting width : 5mm-50mm.

Features :

  • Freely adjust length, digital display.
  • Two shift moldes: automatic and manual.
  • With length setting memory function , and with function of freely setting three sections with different length cutting.
  • Apply for any diameter adhesive tape.
  • Cutting tape types: Tape, adhesive tape, protective film, thermal control pipe.
  • After adding fixing bracket, two or three tapes can be cut together.
  • Membrane switch, durable.
  • Provide you with two different voltage moldes: 220V and 110V.
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