RT-5000(K) เครื่องตัดเทปอัตโนมัติ

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เครื่องตัดเทปอัตโนมัติ รุ่น RT-5000 (เกาหลี)

Increase Productivity :

  • Compact size fits cell‐system
  • High feeding speed (200mm/sec.)
  • Can use two rolls of tape in a same time
  • No need to adjust tension of the tapes.
  • Tape is not easy to jam during operation.

Unique Features :

  • No need to choose bobbin.
  • Minimum cutting length is 5 mm.
  • Can cut non-adhesive materials such as protection film, Aluminum / Copper Foil, Shrink Tube, etc.
  • Can put big roll (outside diameter 300mm).
  • Preset number of shots from a digital counter.
  • Tweezers is attached for the convenience to take the tape out.

Easy to cut tough tape : Acetate / glass cloth tape, Filament, Double-Sided, Normex, Kapton, etc.

Durable : Durable Blade and high powered-motor

Specification :

Tape Length : 5 - 999mm

Tape Width : 6 - 50mm

Usable Tapes : Acetate / Glass Cloth, Double-Sided, Normex, Filament,

Kapton, Electric, and more.

Usable Non Adhesive Material : Protection Film, Aluminum / Copper Foil, Tube, Plastic

Band, Magic Tape, ribbon, and more.

Feeding Speed : 200 mm /sec.

Max. Outside Dia. of Roll : 300mm

Accessories : Separator (for two rolls),Tweezers, Blade Oil

Power Requirement : 220-240V, 120V, 100V

Body Material : Anti-Static ABS

Dimensions : 115(W) x 140(H) x 215(D) mm

Weight : 2.8kg

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