KL-30ACE เครื่องตัดเทปแบบมือหมุน

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เครื่องตัดเทปแบบมือหมุน รุ่น KL-30 ACE The size is bigger than KL-30 EZ and Mini Cutter, but KL-30 ACE is solidly made so that it is hardly broken down. This is widely used in big department stores and grocery stores such as E-MART, WAL-MART and HOMEVER in Korea.

Main User : Grocery Store, Department Store

Core : Comes with a 75mm core

Tape Size : Ability to dispense Two 20mm rolls of tape

Others : 

- Very solid

- Easy, smooth maneuver

- Serrated blade

- easy tape loading

- Heavy base for stability

- Definite length tape cutter

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