Tapez Automatic wet kraft paper machine

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Tapez Automatic wet kraft paper machine

Specification :

Fully automatic kraft paper tape cutting machine

Features :

  1. Intelligent fully automatic multiple sealing and paper output, equipped with fully automatic and semi-automatic modes.
  2. Precise design, fast adhesive transfer speed, continuous paper output up to 60 meters per minute.
  3. Intelligent detection function: built-in photoelectric sensing, intelligent detection of machine operation status, paperless, lid opening warning, abnormal prompt and other automatic alarm functions.
  4. Precision design, strict screening, repeated testing.

Parameter :

Name : Automatic Water-Activated Tape Dispenser

Tape width : 36 - 95mm

Power : 70W

Voltage : AC100 - 240V

Size : 462 x 287 x 251mm

Speed : 60M/min

Paper output mode : jog mode, straight line mode, cross mode, straight line mode

Our advantage :

  1. Suitable for various widths and degrees of tape
  2. Free setting of paper output length, continuous paper output, reducing waste
  3. Automatic paper output greatly improves packaging efficiency and saves manpower
  4. Durable, evenly wet, easy to maintain, and has a large water storage capacity.
  5. Portable product, convenient for use on various workstations.
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