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Specialist in fume extractions systems

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1. Ceramic heater has a long lifetime.
2. Light handle is suitable for long time of use.
3. Calibrate temperature digitally.
4. New appearance and firm structure.
5. Various types of tips are available.
6. ESD safe design.
7. It is especially suitable for mounting and reworking SMD components by hand, soldering common and directly-inserted electronics, or lead free soldering under other special conditions
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1. Large power, sensor closer to tip, micro computer digital, PID temperature control, fast heating and rapid thermal recovery; suitable for lead free soldering.
2. Switching power supply, can prevent the unit from being damaged, such as shot circuit protection, overheating protection, overpowering. Power output will not vary with the change of voltage fluctuation.
3. Password locks temperature. Auto sleeping and auto shut-off available, auto sleeping time and auto shut-off time can be set.
4. Range of temperature limits can be set according to the needs; if temperature exceeds the limit set by the operator, the unit sounds the alarm.
5. Calibrate temperature digitally and easily.
6. ESD Safe by design.
7. Various types of tips available
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Surface Impedance Tester, QUICK499D

1. This product is produced for measuring the surface coefficient and grounding resistance of objects, as well as the antistatic and insulating material.
2. The high precision OP-AMP amplifier and LED are designed for this machine.
3. The product has high sensitivity. Therefore, it is quite reliable for use.
4. The compact design makes it convenient for you to carry this product for operation.
5. The machine is manufactured with ASTM standard D-257 parallel electrode sensing method
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System Tester, QUICK498
1. Can be used anywhere to check grounding systems quickly and easily, such as wrist strap, anti-static pad and grounding wire and so on.
2. Ensure staff safety.
3. Protect products from damage caused by static charge.
4. Connect the grounding wire, press the plate. The green indictor will light and there will be buzzer if the ground system is good
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Wrist Strap Monitor,QUICK495B
1. Can monitor ESD wrist strap and grounding situation continuously, suitable for applications that require good anti-static status.
2. Ensure static charges to be eliminated from human body by real-time monitoring, and decrease damage by static charge.
3. Compact design, easy operation.
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Combo Tester, QUICK492E
1. Testing mode:
1) Individual test: test the wear status of wrist strap, single foot or both feet (foot ring, conducting shoes and anti-static shoes) separately.
2) Comprehensive test: test the wear status of wrist strap and both feet (foot ring, conducting shoes and anti-static shoes) simultaneously.
2. With door control system signal: the tester can output a signal to control the system and prevent people from entering anti-static places freely.
3. Combo tester uses mini current to test, resulting in stable and accurate.
4. Low voltage alarm function: the alarm indicator will flash if low battery.
5. Extended range of foot ring: 100KΩ-1GΩ.
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Charge Plate Monitor, QUICK432
1. Use non-contact sensor, high test resistance and precision, stable.
2. Four working modes function, can be used as a voltmeter, parameters of four working modes can be set accordingly.
3. With 'PASS' function, parameters of which can be set according to product requirements, the charge plate monitor will alarm if test fails.
4. With data recording function, can record 100 groups of data for further reference.
5. Personality setting, select related functions according to customer's requirements.
6. Built-in chargeable battery. It can be used even no external power supply.
7. Easy operation, convenient to carry.
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Electrostatic Field Meter, QUICK431
1. Four working modes available.
2. Two measuring functions: a) Static measurement: b) Ion balance voltage measurement.
3. Two potential measurement modes: a) Instantaneous value; b) Peak value
4. Easy operation, test distance can be adjusted conveniently.
5. Pocket design, easy to carry.
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Static Check Meter, QUICK193
1. Compact design, can be conveniently hanged on the wall to prevent the one with static charges entering the anti-static area.
2. Can be used to check the static charges carried by human body, or static potential differences between two persons.
3. Can protect valuable equipments from the damage caused by static charge.
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High-Frequency Ionizing Air Gun, QUICK445S
1. Neutralize static charges effectively.
2. Low power supply, slight voltage fluctuation, no damage to products even use in close distance.
3. High density groups of ions generated by high frequency, not easy to lose in pipeline transit.
4. Compact design, low noise.
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